Submission Info


What is CGC?

CGC is short for Certified Guaranty Company. CGC performs comic book grading and encapsulation and is the world's largest and most trusted third-party grading service for comics.

CGC evaluates your comic book and assigns a universally accepted numeric grade of 1 to 10. As part of their grading services they do restoration checks to make sure the book has not been altered from it original state.

The comics is then encapsulated inside a state-of-the-art holder that combines superior optics and advanced archival materials to provide the best in display and preservation.

How it works

You must ship your comic to our location in Lethbridge. When it arrives we will inspect it and give you our opinion on the potential grade and recommend cleaning and pressing if required.

We will then ship the comic to CGC's facility in Florida on your behalf where it will then be graded and incapsulated by their qualified professionals. After this is complete the now graded comic will be shipped back to us and once it arrives, we will contact you to arrange shipping back to you.

Please note: the cost listed on our website only includes shipping from our facility to CGC, the grading/encapsulation, and shipping back to us. It does not include shipping your raw comic to us, nor the graded comic back to you. You will be responsible for covering those shipping costs in full.

Please contact us with any questions and to submit a book for grading. Any books for sale on our website are also available for submission. 

Turnaround time

We will ship your comic to CGC within 30 days of receiving it, once there, the time frame is completely out of our control. Their typical turnaround time is 6-8 months, however we have observed time frames of 12+ months on some orders. While we understand this wait time is extensive, again, this is completely out of our control. 

CGC has been seriously backlogged for quite some time now. Please be patient and do not submit anything you expect to see returned in under 12 months. 

Please note: that CGC is not currently honouring the turnaround times listed on their website (120 days)

How to Submit

Please send us a message and we will be in contact within 48hrs.